Coolest Parties on the Planet!

Cranium Academy offers the coolest, most fun and memorable birthday parties on the planet for children ages 2 through 8, plus a more private and worry-free experience for parents.

What Makes Our Party Experience

So Unique?

  • Nearly EXCLUSIVE use of our spacious, uniquely designed indoor facility including our gym, inflatable slides and bounce houses, parent lounge areas, and our festive, private party room

  • Two experienced party pros dedicated solely to your party, entertaining your children, so you and your guests can relax

  • From the moment you arrive, our staff will handle everything while assuring the birthday child and guests are the center of attention

  • Fun-filled active play with thrilling games, inflatable bounce houses and slides

  • Every party is customized with age-appropriate games for your child's individual theme and interests

  • You and your child will be surrounded by only your party's guests throughout your entire celebration

  • Rain or shine, your party will include TONS of laughter, smiles, and memories that will last a lifetime!

CraniumPARTY Packages Include:

  • Up to 24 children (Additional children, up to 30 total, may be accommodated for an additional charge per child)

  • 2 hours of action-packed birthday fun including 80-90 minutes of supervised play in our huge indoor gym and our inflatable bounce house and slides, plus up to 30 minutes in our private party room (1.5 hour option available for 2 year old parties only - see 'Package Prices' below or contact us for more details)

  • 2 party pros dedicated to you, ensuring your experience is stress free, fun, and memorable.

  • Invitations with envelopes

  • Tables and chairs

  • Use of our festive, private party room including 2 ‘Happy Birthday’ banners

  • 1 drink per child (juice box or water bottle)

  • Paper products including plates, forks and/or spoons, tablecloths, and napkins in a variety of festive solid colors

  • Set-up, service and clean-up

  • Plenty of room for parents and guests to relax

Birthday Cake: Please bring your own birthday cake (Don't forget your cake knife, matches & candles!).

Other Food & Drinks: Your package price includes 1 drink per child. For your convenience, we can order pizza for you (see ‘Add-ons’ below) at the start of your party. You are welcome to bring additional food or drinks (must be able to stay at room temperature, no burners please).

Optional Add-Ons Include:

  • Pizza - We are happy to order pizza for your party (providing your payment information at the start of your party so you can pay directly). We can help you estimate the amount needed, and place your order for you to ensure your pizza arrives on time.

  • Goodie Bags - We are able to provide goodie bags including a few small treasures for children. Cost is $3 per bag and can be added to your party balance at any time.

Package Prices

Parties for children ages 3 - 8 (2 hours, includes all listed above)

$ 310 per party - up to 24 kids ($10 for each additional child up to a maximum of 30 kids)

2 year old party option (1.5 hours, includes all listed above)

We offer a special "Music and Movement Adventure" party for children turning 2: $ 280 per party - up to 16 kids ($ 10 for each additional child up to a maximum of 20 kids). Our Party Pros lead young guests on a 1.5 hour singing and activity based adventure with gymnastic obstacle courses, parachutes and other fun events (inflatables can be used but are optional). Parties usually consist of 50-60 minutes of the "Music and Movement Adventure" and 30 minutes in the birthday celebration room.

How can I reserve my child's special date?

Our party dates fill up fast! Parties are held on Saturday, and availability varies by location. Please call the location closest to you to discuss availability and reserve your special date and preferred time slot early. A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your child's special birthday celebration at Cranium Academy, with the balance due at the end of your party.

We invite you to be our guest for a fun-filled, personalized birthday celebration at Cranium Academy! Please call or email us to check availability on your preferred party date (See Locations).


All items below should be confirmed by email or by phone when making your reservation:

My child wants a certain theme. Can we bring in themed paper products and decor?

Your party package includes paper products including plates, napkins, forks and/or spoons, and tablecloths in a variety of festive solid colors. However, you are welcome to bring in your own paper products that we will use for your party.

Can we have balloons at our party?

We do allow you to bring pre-inflated balloons (we cannot blow up any balloons, so please make sure you have them blown up ahead of time).

Do you offer goodie bags or favors?

You can bring your own goodie bags or save time and we can do it for you ($ 3 each)! Our bags are colorful kid sized, with the handles tied on top. Each bag has a few treasures such as a ball knocker, rainbow mini-slinky, plastic spiky animal character, disk launcher and lollypops.

Do you offer birthday cakes?

We do not provide the birthday cake. Please bring your birthday cake or dessert of choice for your party (Don't forget your cake knife, matches & candles!).

Do you provide food for the party?

You may bring in your own food, with prior approval, which we can assist you in displaying and serving. We do not provide food, however, we are happy to take care of ordering pizza for you using payment information you provide.

If you are arranging for pizza or other food to be delivered, we request that food arrive at least 15 minutes before entering the party room (which is around 1 one hour and 15 minutes after the start of the party for 3 - 8 year old parties; and 45 minutes after the start of our 1.5 hr parties for 2 year olds). If ordering pizza on your own, you may want to consider ordering the pizza to be 'double cut' into smaller pieces, as we do. Smaller pieces tend to be more kid friendly and cost effective!

Do you provide drinks for the party?

One drink (either water or a juice box) for each participating child is included in your package. Many parents choose to bring a simple cooler with additional drinks for children and/or adults.

Do our guests need to bring anything?

Socks are required for all kids (or parents) playing on the equipment. The invitations that we provide as part of each party package remind parents to bring socks for their children. We do have socks available for $ 1 per pair just in case.

How many parties are going on at one time?

The # 1 request we hear from parents is that they do not like multiple parties, kids and parents running around without any control or structure. At Cranium Academy, your child’s birthday party will have EXCLUSIVE use of the indoor area for the entire play time (the first 90 minutes). Birthday parties overlap for the last 30 minutes when your party will already be in the private party room which is in a separate section of the facility.

Are the parties structured or a free for all play structure?

The # 2 request we hear from parents is that they do not like birthday places that allow the kids to run around without control. We know parents prefer a place where their child can interact, team up and have fun events centered around their friends and family. At Cranium Academy, your child’s birthday party will be structured fun with you and your child surrounded by your guests only. Our specially trained party pros cast the children into various roles as they play games, accomplish athletic goals, conquer inflatable bounce houses and enjoy nonstop fun. The children participate in organized team activities which are centered around your birthday child.

When should the birthday family and birthday guests arrive?

Can we stay past the two hour time period? Our team functions as a well-oiled machine! With our extensive experience in throwing the coolest parties on the planet, our staff and process is designed specifically to cover every detail to ensure your party runs smoothly. For this reason, you can relax and won’t have to come earlier than the times specified below!

The Birthday family = no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the party.

The Birthday guests = no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of the party.

Please let your guests know when they should arrive. The two hour time slot will be more than enough time for the kids, parents and staff and we will not be able to extend the parties beyond the two hour period.

What payments are due when, and what about refunds?

A $ 100 non-refundable deposit secures party date & time. Remaining cost of party is non-refundable seven (7) days or less before the assigned date/time. The remainder will be charged (including any/all extras) upon party completion. If we can find another group to secure your spot, we will give a credit that is 90% of the deposit, which can be used at our facility for any program, for up to one year.

Can we have more than 30 kids at the party?

Due to the unique structure and educational nature of the parties, any size over 30 will affect the party experience that we can deliver. For this reason, we cannot accommodate a larger party size. If you know you will have more than 30 kids, please feel free to give us a call ahead of time and we might be able to set up a custom party experience for you. On the day of the party, if you find that more than 30 kids show up (unexpected event on your part) our party pros will have to work with you to decide whether to limit the participants or, if possible, change the party structure to an open play experience instead.

Can other parents or kids stay in the facility without participation?

Yes. There is a parent waiting area that looks into the inside open space which includes the gym zone. There are some party games that might require a small amount of parent versus kids participation.

Can you provide food and drinks?

Food or drinks, other than 1 drink per child, are not included. However, you may bring in food for your party. You can either order the pizza directly or have us order it for you to pay via cc when it arrives. Pizza should arrive 15 minutes before the kids go to the party room (which is around 1 one hour and fifteen minutes after the start of the party). Cake is allowed and if needed is supplied by the parents. Our party pros will help serve both the cake and pizza. With prior approval we will allow other food to be brought in.

Can parents bring in alcohol? Do you allow smoking?

We are also licensed as a private school and child care facility and cannot allow alcohol to be served or brought into the facility. We are a smoke free facility.

Can we stay beyond the 2 hour time frame?

We have mandated guidelines on our employees work schedule and times. If your party lasts more than 5 minutes after the 2 hour pre-assigned time period, we will charge you at a rate of $ 5 per minute, until the party is completed. For the 2 year old parties the same guidelines apply for after the 1.5 hour pre-assigned time period.

What is involved with a 2-year old birthday party?

Most of the basic birthday information still applies for our 2 year old parties, with 1.5 hours of fun instead to maximize their young attention spans! Inflatables can be used if requested, otherwise this party will get more time with structured music and movement activities in our large indoor gymnastics area. In addition, party size is kept a bit smaller (up to 16 children), and parents are encouraged to participate with their own child(ren) during the party. Our party pros will choose from different activities designed specifically to keep young children moving, shaking, and having a blast! When piecing together the perfect party design, we can work with you to determine what best meets the needs and interests of you and your child.