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Kicking the Bad Habits: Nose Picking

If your child is about to start preschool or daycare, it’s time to start breaking some of their bad habits. In this series, we will cover some tactics that will help you kick those bad habits to the curb. Today’s bad habit is nose picking.  If you’ve ever noticed your child digging for gold anywhere […]

Tips to Keep Your Child Safe While Swimming

Summer is the season for swimming! With all the fun that this recreational sport provides, it’s still important that your child stays safe while swimming. It is always a good idea to sign your child up for swimming lessons which will help them develop into strong swimmers. Here are some tips on other ways to […]

Caring for a sick child

No matter how much you try to shield you children from sicknesses, they will most likely come down with something eventually. That’s just a fact of life and while you can’t prevent the inevitable, you can prepare yourself for it. Below are some tips to help you care for your little one when they’re feeling […]

Technology Tips for Parents

In this day and age, we see more kids reaching for a smartphone before they’ve even reached for a sippy cup. This early and frequent exposure to the tech world makes it crucial to understand how your children are using their technology. The digital age has brought with it many possibilities that can be used […]

Chores for Children

Getting your kids involved in household chores at an early age has so many benefits. When you give young children chores to complete, they begin to gain a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and empathy. They learn skills that will carry with them throughout the rest of their lives, including time management, prioritizing tasks, and basic […]

10 Fast and Healthy Lunch Ideas

You know how important it is to keep your kids healthy. Making sure that they maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet has become one of your main priorities. But going in the kitchen at least five times a day and spending hours cooking and preparing meals for the kiddos can be exhausting. And let’s face […]