Maximizing Your Child’s Cranium Capacity

Research has shown that 50% of the brain’s neural network is set by the age of five, and 80% by the age of eight. This means that a child’s capacity for developmental mind and body learning is expanding at an amazing rate, and at a very early age. We’ve designed the learning programs at Cranium Academy to reach children during this exciting period when important connections are being made, and when children have the greatest potential for building up their critical thinking skills. This unique approach is centered around teaching children to move beyond ‘what’ is happening into ‘how’ and ‘why’ it is happening.

Let’s use gravity as an example. Traditional teaching techniques might have a child memorize the definition of gravity and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Using the Cranium approach, children first explore and discover what happens when they throw objects up. Then they discuss why that object doesn’t keep flying up into space? Then each child might be asked to jump up and down. Why do we always fall back down to the ground? Why can’t we just jump up, and stay up? They will learn how gravity works and then discuss and predict how it effects different things around them.

Try taking the Cranium approach at home! You can start by asking your child more open ended questions. Look for opportunities to ask “why do you think that happened? “You’ll see those eyes light up and their wheels start turning… and you just might be surprised by their Cranium capacity!