The Benefits of Sports

Sports, or any physical activity, are important for a child’s whole well-being. Whether playing with a club or just casually with a few friends, sports can offer many benefits for a child’s physical, social and emotional growth!

Sports, for the body

Staying active is especially important for children, because they are at a stage in life where physical development occurs quickly. Specifically, sports can help with physical growth in these ways:

Motor skills: Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills come with practice. Sports are perfect for training both.

Developing muscles and bones: Resistance from exercising stimulates the growth and strengthening of muscles and bones. Too much resistance can stunt growth though, so make sure your child gets plenty of rest between activities.

Stronger vision: Sports are usually played outside in the sun. Taking in natural light has been shown to decrease the probability of developing vision problems. But on really sunny days, a hat or glasses should still be worn to protect your child’s eyesight.

Social benefits

Almost every organized sport is played with teams. The competition, and the team dynamic itself, comes with perks and lessons for your child:

Team skills: Communication and sharing are necessary for a team’s success. The more they play, the more your child can learn these vital skills.

Friend group: Your child doesn’t have to like every person on their team, but spending time with other children can lead to strong, lasting friendships.

Confidence: Making friends is not always easy, but being part of a team can offer opportunities for your child to feel like they are a part of the group.

The mind and sports

When it comes to developing emotional maturity, childhood is an important time in anyone’s life. Organized sports can offer a foundation for emotional growth in these areas:

Self-esteem: Being a part of a team can give your child a sense of importance, and going to practice to get better can offer a sense of accomplishment as well.

Lower stress: Sports can be a physical outlet for emotional stress, and can help clear the mind.

Emotional recognition: In order to keep a clear mind and perform well for the team, children will learn that they must control and recognize their emotions.

 Choosing a Sport

Choosing a sport should be up to your child, and you should accept and support their decision. However, in the times when your child may want to quit when things get hard, it’s up to you to think about what would be best for your child in the long run.

You can go online to find local clubs for age-appropriate sports, or find out what sports your child’s school offers after class to get started. You can also observe your child during playtime and see what they like to do!


Sports and Activities at Cranium

At Cranium Academy, our mission is to inspire creativity, character and leadership in every student through our unique curriculum as well as our afterschool programs. We offer indoor gym space, inflatables and our playground for every child to remain active and social outside the classroom.