Curing the School Day Blues

If you are a parent (and your child is not attending Cranium Academy), you have probably heard the dreaded words through pouty lips and clenched fists, “I don’t wanna go to school!” or worse yet, “I hate school!” But what exactly is it that gives children the school day blues just before getting out of the house to go to school?

Reason #1 – Your child might be bored.

In traditional schools where teachers must remain focused on preparing kids for standardized assessment tests and state exams, the magic of learning can get lost in having to memorize lists of vocabulary words, such as “mellifluous.” Needless to say, research often shows that children learn better and retain more information when they are having fun! In many of today’s classrooms, fun is the key element that is missing, and that can be one of the main reasons why kids don’t like going to school. At Cranium Academy, we balance gifted level academics with imaginative social and play experiences. We move beyond the memorization of facts and figures, into active critical thinking.  We seek to create an environment where students can’t wait to come learn!

Reason #2 – Freedom may be limited.

In many schools, educators offer students very few choices. Children are forced to learn and memorize a mountain of facts that may not interest them. According to Doctor Peter Gray, Ph.D., research professor at Boston College, “Children come into the world with instinctive drives to educate themselves. These include the drives to play and explore.” Many school learning environments are not created with the idea of optimizing these natural desires to learn and therefore unintentionally end up suppressing them by not giving children any freedom to choose their learning paths. At Cranium Academy, we encourage young minds to explore ‘how’ and ‘why,’ as we seek to engage children’s natural curiosity and develop a true love of learning.

Reason #3 – The learning tools may be outdated.

Although technology is becoming more widely accepted in the classroom, some teachers still see it as a distraction or even a threat to learning. However, this perspective doesn’t align with how kids learn today. A balance of hands-on learning and technology can help children become excited about learning and provide a more engaging way to teach new lessons. At Cranium Academy, we incorporate both hands-on exploration with the use of the latest technology in our classrooms to prepare children for success in the 21st century. From state-of-the-art smartboards, to laptops and iPad, our teachers balance technology-based learning with multi-sensory play and discovery.

So, what is the solution?

Teachers and parents can work together to find ways to keep education engaging and inspiring for children. Look for schools that place a high priority on instilling a love for learning in their students. Some hesitation about going to school is normal. However, if your child is consistently complaining about going to school, try to find out from them what it is about school that they do not like. Then ask to speak with their teacher to see if you can work together to find ways to help.

At Cranium Academy, our mission is to make learning fun! In our classrooms, we encourage each child to learn through play and exploration. We combine advanced learning with creative play and imagination. Our revolutionary approach to education builds critical thinking skills and fosters a lifetime love of learning.

Parents should not give up hope!  Sometimes children go through phases where they are less excited about school.  Try to stay positive and find ways to help make learning fun and exciting for you and your child!