Choosing a Preschool Program – Some Research Tips for Parents

There are many questions that can be asked to help in selecting the best preschool program for you and your child.  From the learning environment, to what type of method the school uses to teach your child, you can expect to find many differences between child care and development facilities.

Selecting a preschool for your child can seem overwhelming, but it is an important decision which can affect your child in many ways. Research shows about half of the brain’s neural network is set by age 5, 80% by age 8. So how do you choose the right preschool?  Before you start researching and calling schools, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Basic Questions to Ask Yourself

What kind of environment are you looking for?
Do you want a school located near your workplace or home?
Are you looking for a particular educational philosophy?
What is most important to you in a preschool program?
What kinds of specific needs does your child have?
What kinds of needs do you have regarding your schedule?
How much of your budget can you allocate for preschool expenses?

You will want to do your research and ask for word of mouth recommendations. Every parent has goals for their children growing up, and guiding them through the early years is crucial to their academic success and well-being. The preschool you choose should have a mission and values which align with yours to provide a healthy environment and ensure your child can continue to build on what they learn at home.

A preschool that has nurturing relationships between the children and their teachers sets a great tone for early learning and fun.  Make sure that there is a good balance between individual and group learning. Find out how the facility mixes the building blocks of learning with the excitement of play to keep all of their senses heightened.  Keeping your child engaged is key to advancement through the program and through life.

Tips for Researching Preschools

Knowing the main differences between the preschools in your preferred area can help you narrow down the right learning center for your child.  Taking the time to set up an appointment to tour the top 2-3 facilities you feel might best meet your needs is necessary to help you make that difficult decision.

When touring a facility, in addition to listening and asking questions, there are many things to look for. Be sure to observe what is going on within the school. How does the atmosphere look and feel?  Are the bookshelves stocked and does technology feel present?  A first impression of a preschool denotes what happens behind the scenes.  If a facility cares about the literature they give you, and they take pride in cleanliness, those can be early signs of a well thought out preschool program.  How is the overall noise level and organization of the classrooms?  If you see well behaved children and teachers which appear to be engaging the children and attentive to their needs, you could be in the right place.

Most preschoolers are capable of learning much more than ABC’s.  Ask questions about the curriculum that your child will be exposed to.  How situations are dealt with is a deciding factor as well.  From how a facility deals with allergies and accidents to confrontation and behavior, answers to these types of questions can provide a lot of valuable insight into the preschool program.

In your research for the best preschool solution for your child, you should ask friends and family with children what they are experiencing or have experienced.  They may be able to give you questions to ask that you would not have thought of.

Quick Tips on Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Ask Yourself Basic Questions about Your Needs
Ask Friends and Family for Word of Mouth Recommendations
Schedule Tours with Your Top Selections
Observe Closely
Ask About the Programs
Review and Compare the Curriculum

Wanting the best for your child is completely normal.  While the search for the best preschool for your child can seem stressful and tedious, choosing one that you feel is the best match based on your research gives your child the best possible chance at success.

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