Summer Camp – The Solution for Your Child to Help Them Stay Sharp

Parents are constantly on a mission to find the best opportunities for their children.  Enrolling them in a summer camp program can not only help keep children sharp and active over the summer, but can also increase independence by developing problem-solving and social skills.  From self-esteem to academic and life skills, children can polish what they learn during the school year, and apply it to the real world while having fun at summer camp.

Why is Summer Camp So Important?

Summer camp can help keep young minds sharp over the summer, and can also help children develop a sense of independence. Not only will this help you as a parent, but it can free up some of the precious time you spend doing things for them that they can learn to do on their own.

Successful summer camp programs are designed with learning and play in mind.  By combining them together, adventures are created to help children stay focused in order to stimulate all of their senses without getting bored.  The key to a successful summer camp adventure is in keeping your child motivated while strengthening self-reliance at the same time.  They will come home more prepared than the day before, armed with life skills they need to grow up accepting challenges and solving problems on their own.  The right summer camp program should create a healthy environment and a reason to be excited to return the next day.

Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer camps can help children feel more in control of their lives.  They will learn to take more pride in the projects they work on and the problems they solve.  When your child takes ownership of something they are proud of, they become much more likely to try new things.  Your child will become better equipped with what it takes to do anything they put their mind to.

1. Stay Active and Sharp – Summer camp can provide the fun and adventure that children are seeking while also helping to prepare them for the coming school year.

2. Learn Social Skills – Free from the usual expectations at school, kids can come together and work as a team to build strong relationships with their peers.

3. Keep Them on a Schedule – While it is fun to run around without structure, having it helps create responsibility.

4. Develop Independence – Summer camp is a perfect place to practice making decisions themselves and managing their daily choices.

5. Learn and Play – Summer Camp programs can build in time for play and help mend the scheduled routines at home and school while providing opportunities for higher learning.

Finding the Right Summer Camp

If your child has never been to a summer camp, you are probably asking yourself a million questions, wondering if it is the right choice for you and your child.  How do you know summer camp will be right for your child? Will your child get homesick? Which camp will be the best fit? Choosing to research about summer camps is the first step to begin the process of summer camp enrollment.

There are many different types of summer camps. Make sure you understand the program’s values and mission, and see if its activities match your child’s interests. Good camps expect to hear from you. Talk with camp staff, parents and other campers. When you find the right camp, you should feel that the camp is a special type of community which will have several advantages for your child.

Summer Camp Expectations







Service Skills



Self Respect

Character Building

During these special years, your child is developing at an amazing rate.  They are sponges ready to soak up tons of information.  Allowing them to be part of a summer camp program that keeps minds stimulated, while promoting fun and play, will continue them on a path to building character, developing independence, and strengthening their academic foundation.

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