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Why Parents Should Consider Volunteering?

As parents, we often guilt ourselves for not spending more quality time with our children. One way to make up for lost time with your child is to volunteer at their school. Volunteering is a great way for parents to be more involved in their child’s life. Here are some of the top reasons volunteering […]

5 Fun Kid-Friendly Things to Do In Winter Garden, Florida

With Winter Garden being one of the more popular places to live in Orange County, the city has several activities the whole family will enjoy. Located only 11 miles away from Disney World and 14 miles west of Downtown Orlando, Winter Garden is close to many of top tourist attractions. Here are some of the […]

10 Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

As one of the most important meals of the day, breakfast is often the meal skipped the most. As parents, it’s easy to get carried away with our busy schedules and forget to make breakfast, but it’s important that you make sure your child has a balanced breakfast every day to support their growth and […]

4 Ways To Teach Your Child Empathy

As parents, most of us make sure our children are put in the best schools so they can reach their full potential and attain a high level of intelligence. However, one aspect of intelligence that’s often overlooked is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is important because it is the key to both personal and professional success, […]

Making the Most of Birthdays

Birthdays come once a year, and they are special days for everyone, especially young children. They look forward to a whole day dedicated to them, with lots of food and fun in store. If you want to make the most of your child’s birthday, here are some tips to prepare and throw a great party! […]

The Benefits of Sports

Sports, or any physical activity, are important for a child’s whole well-being. Whether playing with a club or just casually with a few friends, sports can offer many benefits for a child’s physical, social and emotional growth! Sports, for the body Staying active is especially important for children, because they are at a stage in […]

Handling Anger

Anger is a difficult emotion for children to handle, and it sometimes leads to undesirable behaviors. But anger is a natural emotional response for everyone, especially for children who are learning to recognize and control their feelings. Here are a few tips you may keep in mind when teaching your child how to manage their […]

“Do as I Say, Not as I Do”: Does it Work?

“Do as I say, not as I do” is a typical parenting phrase that signals children not to copy negative behaviors they are about to witness. Some parents believe that simply telling their children what to do is enough to ensure positive development. But is that really the case? How Children Learn To understand how […]

“No”, The Discussion on Negative Language

Keeping a positive learning environment for children at all times is a challenge, for parents and teachers alike. Children don’t have all the answers or know how to behave in every situation, and guiding them through the learning process often comes with some frustration. In these moments, it’s easy to use negative words, like the […]